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DAN Tech Co., Ltd.

單 –simplification-단순화

We are providing technologies and services that can maximize performance and ease of use.

Expert personnel with wide experience in vehicle diagnostics engineering, vehicle networking and communications and applications of software provide the total solution for vehicle diagnostics and inspection, and are challenging to leading innovation in technology and future technologies. We have more possibilities with our customers.

We will always make great partnerships, and we will do our best to achieve important results.

​대표이사 이강섭(CEO KangSub,LEE)​



Research Institute Certification

Certificate of Venture Business

Patent Number




-EWP,EAS,ABS Filling Controller

-EV Charging Test Equipment

-EVAP Leak Detect Equipment

-FCEV Leak Detect Equipment


-SMF-200 : ECU Flash Tool
-SMF-300 : CAN Network Data Logger
-SMF-500 : OBD-2 Black Box


-Filling Controller
-Doppler Generator
-Dynamic Vehicle Test System
-DBOX Management System
-Wireless DLC Converter
-ADAS AVM Calibration Equipment


-Battery Adapter Gen 2
-#X F-SCAN System
-GIFT System(Euro, NA)
-Venture Company Certification


-Wireless Diagnostic System
-R&B DVT System
-#4 F-SCAN System
-Digital PDI System
-Smart ECU Programming Equipment
-R-SCAN Development


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