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Smart VCs-TS

-Easy Vehicle Configuration Set up
-Vehicle Test System for multi-platform

e forest mobile demo-PSD-1119.jpg

cat. S/W - Vehicle Diagnostic Platform with Mobile Device

-Next Generaton Wireless Diagnostic Device
-Android OS
-Diagnostic procedure application with tablet device

-Remote Control 


cat. H/W&S/W - Vehicle Diagnostic Platform with Server system

-Next Generaton Wireless Diagnostic Device
-Diagnostic procedure application on the server system

cat. H/W - Voice OBD Module

-Vehicle CAN communication
-Voice support
-Diagnostic procedure application


cat. S/W - Vehicle Network Simulation for Diagnostic Equipment

It provides a verification environment to reduce the field application time of software.
-Vehicle Network Simulation
-Diagnostic Software Validation
-Wireless Diagnostic Validation

APP Example.jpg

cat. S/W - Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development for useful function of vehicle diagnosis 
- Android
- iOS


cat. H/W - deCAN Logger

Vehicle CAN multi-channel(9CH) data monitoring and measurement 
- High Speed CAN, CAN-FD
- Low Speed CAN


cat. S/W - Global Inspection Frame Work Tool

software for vehicle inspection system

-easy vehicle configuration set-up

-easy test item and sequence set-up

-standard platform by our customer

BA2 installation_edited.jpg

cat. H/W - Current Measurement Device(GEN2 BA)

This product is used by End of Line test equipment as in inspecting voltage and load current of automotive electrical and electronic systems. It is designed to communicate with external device by Bluetooth.


cat. H/W - Portable ECU reprogramming Device(SMF-300)

There are many types of device for ECU flash function. This product is easy to operate and is optimized for speedy operation of many vehicles.


cat. S/W - Dynamic Vehicle Test at the R&B M/C

DVT is defined the system to inspect a defect of comprehensive component on Engine(ECU), Automatic transmission(TCU), Anti-lock brake system and the Base brake force & Balance, Supplemental restraint system(Airbag) and further, a degradation of emission related system during vehicle driving or idling condition.
Many manufacturers around the world have installed systems which can test all components and systems on vehicle or vehicles of all configurations in station for dynamic vehicle testing

test equipment_edited.jpg

cat. S/W - Vehicle Inspection Equipment of the assembly line

vehicle diagnostic equipment optimized for the customer's environment
-General diagnostic equipment by communication with vehicle.
-ADAS test and calibration
-EV charging test equipment
-TPMS RF reading and ID Management
-Machine vision I/F, etc

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